The Creative Business Cup Malaysia 2013

Contest Guidelines

Here are some of the guidelines that the judges will take into consideration during the evaluation phase.

i. Evaluation Criteria for the Video Pitch

The evaluation of the submissions registered in the contest will be done by a panel of local experts both from creative industry & business industry.

a) Delivery: Overall Pitch (Effective story telling/ message delivery, audience engagement, creativity, clarity)

b) Content: How effectively the following components are identified and explained:

  • What's the Problem/ Opportunity your business solve?
  • What is your Product/ Services?
  • What's your competitive advantage/ USP?
  • Who is your market?
  • How are you making money?

ii. Evaluation Criteria for the Business Concept

Each team must describe its creative competencies and how they are utilized. The evaluation of business concept will be done by jury of experts from creative industry and business industry.

a) Originality: Is the business idea a new one or is it being used in a new context?

  • Revolutionary in terms of their product or service, social relations, customer approach, markets or other ways.
  • Change the value chains of the creative industries or use creative competencies to change the value chains in other industries.

b) Creativity: Are creative competencies crucial for the success of the business idea

  • Are able to convince the jury that their creative skills are world class in one or more fields
  • Engage customers or others in creative processes
  • Beat their competitors by harnessing creative skills

c) Market potential: Does the business concept entail a market potential?

  • Are a good investment
  • Are scalable or in some ways unique to the point where others cannot copy it
  • Generate new needs and new markets
  • Present a strong overview of the existing market situation and how to engage customers
  • Demonstrate the presence of financial and strategic flair within the team, thereby combining creative skills with business skills
  • Are realistic in terms of risks and possibilities
  • Have take steps to handle relevant issues regarding intellectual property rights

Good luck!