The Founders

Dash Dhakshinamoorthy

The idea of came to Dash whilst he was on his IVLP tour in the US in 2010 after attending the Presidential Summit of Entrepreneurship.

Dash bought the domain then and decided to let serendipity to define the role of

In 2011 he defined it as a not-for-profit organization with an aim to ‘airlift’ the startup ecosystem through its programs.

Together with his partner, Rebeca Hwang, they choreographed Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia : an event that inspired 1000 entrepreneurs, selected 100 for a bootcamp and took 5 for a month long bootcamp in the Valley.

Since then has evolved to become a kind of a social accelerator program with a mission to increase the number of fundable startups.

Dash has founded various companies and programs that aims to help startup entrepreneurs.

Dash is also the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) host for Malaysia since 2008 and won the Host of the Year Award in 2009 by making Malaysia the top GEW Host country amongst 130 countries.

In 2012, Dash became the Co-Director of the Founder Institute in Perth. The Founder Institute is the worlds largest idea stage accelerator in the world with a mission to create 1,000 high growth startups every year. Dash is educated both in Edinburgh Business School and the University of Cambridge.

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Rebeca is a global entrepreneur; born in Korea, raised in Argentina and educated in the U.S., Rebeca lectures on “High Tech Entrepreneurship” at Stanford University. She has also been invited as a speaker to many international sites around the world including the Ministry of Education in Denmark, the University of Zaragoza in Spain, the University of Porto in Portugal, University EAFIT in Colombia, EnterPrize Puerto Rico, IEEE Egypt, Tech de Monterey in Mexico, IIT India, and the annual MIT Global Startup Workshop in Buenos Aires, Norway, Spain, South Africa and Iceland.

Rebeca’s dream is to create a world where meritocracy is the governing principle of entrepreneurship.