About Us

StartupMalaysia.org is a not-for-profit organization that aims to help increase the number of fundable startups in the technology space by inspiring the next generation of high-growth entrepreneurs through its various programs. The initiatives and programs by StartupMalaysia.org targets at young aspiring entrepreneurs – from schools through universities and also youth in general. StartupMalaysia.org aims to ignite and catalyze 500 scalable startups by 2015.

What We Do?


Why Now?


The Missing Link


The Solution

  • We help early stage entrepreneurs succeed, globally.

  • We connect startup entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch and succeed immediately;

  • Our primary activities includes – running events and programs to inspire the startup culture that is uniquely Asian: we take the best practices from Silicon Valley or entrepreneurial clusters and mold them into workable models for our own environment and culture;

  • We run an annual accelerator program and startup competition to hand pick some of the most scalable ideas;

  • We help these ideas secure sponsorships or funding to send them to immersion camps in Silicon Valley or other startup clusters where they can meet, network, learn and finally make the connections to secure the 3 key ingredients for their startups to succeed – Money, Markets and Mentors!
  • Asia is now growing at a rapid pace;

  • The 4 billionth person going online anytime soon, with the cost of servers coming down, this is the most opportune moment in the history of mankind for a young, smart, energetic person to become an entrepreneur where the downside is low and the upside enormous!

  • By becoming an Asian startup in a growth environment, the entrepreneurs are able to tap into the flow of global resources both in terms of talent and funds.
  • There are many good ideas today…many of these ideas can become very good business opportunities;

  • However, very few of these ideas actually see the light of the day – become real scalable ventures that addresses a market need;

  • The problem is that many novice/first time entrepreneurs do not have the knowledge, the skills and the network to acquire the key resources needed to bring their ideas into fruition.

  • The gap is the between the resources the entrepreneurs need and the ability of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide them.
  • StartupMalaysia.Org is filling this gap by launching a globally connected, but Asian accelerator and startup program.

  • We use our global connections and the power of competition to create urgency, and to identify and aggregate high-impact teams and resources.

  • We strengthen and accelerate finalists by providing them high-­quality, personalized mentorship and by connecting them to potential team members, advisors, customers and sponsors at a global level.
There are many opportunities for organizations to support and sponsor this initiative, for more information please contact audra@startupmalaysia.org